Simple Roots Care Community

We have a passion for older adults and the amazing stories that they carry. When one of our founders spent time working in long-term care facilities post-college, she knew that there had to be a better option for geriatric care. 

What she saw in those facilities was adequate care at the best, apathy and negligence at the worst. She saw lovely people who have lived extraordinary lives spending their later years trapped in small rooms in front of a television, eating bland meals, and passing the hours alone.

There never seemed to be enough workers to do more than just the basic cares- sometimes even the basics weren't covered and residents would go days without brushed teeth. The workers weren't cruel, but they didn't exude love. They were always in a hurry, too busy rushing folks without taking time to hear their stories, see the emotional pain or alleviate the loneliness. 

She knew there must be a better option. That's when our founders created their dream for a care facility. 

Simple Roots Care Community (SRCC) is designed to revolutionize the way assisted living and long-term care operates in the United States. There are 3 core values which SRCC builds around:

1. Community:

Research shows that social isolation is a major risk factor for death from various causes, whereas better social support leads to better health and longer life. SRCC will be a place where friendships are fostered, and social support systems are in place. Residents will enjoy a better quality of life through real, meaningful relationships. No one will have to be alone. 

2. Beauty: 

Research shows that seeing beauty in nature can lead to increased agreeableness, empathy, generosity, and trust. Simple Roots Care Community will be a place of natural beauty; imagine gardens and fountains, and places to refresh the soul. Residents' rooms will feel like home, not like a hospital. It will be an environment to enjoyed, not endured.

3. Thriving:

We believe in thriving, not surviving. Oftentimes therapies that residents so desperately need are too expensive; not so at SRCC. We will offer alternative therapies such as water, music, pet therapy, and more. Food and eating will be pleasurable, with vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients, and nutrition customized for each resident. 

SRCC will be a better option. Life doesn't have to stop when entering a care community; it can be a new type of beginning. 

Simple Roots Care Community is not yet open, but in the startup phase. If you're interested in our vision, and have passions or resources to share, please contact us.